Electrical Breakdown Cover


Experience unparalleled peace of mind with our premium Electrical Breakdown Cover in Kent. Our comprehensive package ensures that you’re not just covered, but also benefit from top-notch service and exclusive discounts on all electrical works.

How Our Electrical Breakdown Cover Works

  1. Initial Assessment: Once you’ve enrolled, our team will conduct a thorough EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) and provide a smoke alarm certificate. This helps us understand your property’s electrical landscape, establishing a foundation for any future services you might need.

  2. Annual Checks & More: Post the initial assessment, we commit to yearly smoke alarm tests and EICRs as required. Plus, enjoy the perk of unlimited free 45-minute callouts.

  3. Transparent Pricing: Should any remedial work be necessary, rest assured it will be charged as per our transparent schedule of rates. This also applies to reactive maintenance and any recommended tasks.

  4. Additional Services at a Discount: Fancy a new light in your lounge or any other electrical enhancement? As a valued member of our Electrical Breakdown Cover, you’ll receive these services at a special discounted rate, separate from our standard schedule of rates.

Choose our Electrical Breakdown Cover for a seamless, efficient, and cost-effective solution to all your electrical needs in Kent.

Who's able to take this offer?

Absolutely anybody, homeowner, landlord, property manager or investor, anyone can take advantage of this, the price is per property, so any discounted prices are available if you own more than one property and want multi cover.

How long is the contract for?

Our minimum sign-up is for 12 months, and you would need to cancel before your 2nd smoke alarm test; after this, you can cancel anytime with a month’s notice.

How much am I saving?

Let’s do some math. let’s say you have had our service for four years, at a minimum, you would have had:

  • Four smoke alarm tests (normal cost £320)
  • One EICR (normal cost £220)
    total costs = £740

Our service costs would be £479.52  over the four year period which would save you £260.48 and that assuming you haven’t made a callout or used any of our discounted works.

Do I need this work done?

The work isn’t required by law if you’re a homeowner, it’s different for landlords, but it’s something that we highly recommend.

We constantly see properties with unsafe electrics and out-of-date or no smoke alarms. You wouldn’t drive a car without breaks, so why live in a house that could have dangerous or outdated electrics?

Maintaining your Electrical system at home is normally one of your last priorities in your busy life. Only thinking about this once a problem has developed, so why wait for the problem? 

Being one of our customers will give you peace of mind and a full understanding of your home and its condition. We may be able to save you money by acting fast in an area most people don’t fully understand.

You may be wondering what an EICR is… This is an Electrical Installation Condition Report, rather like an MOT for your house electrics. why? Forget any legal needs right now. The most common cause we see of fire within a house is started by cables being loose inside sockets. 

Lets take an Electric Shower Isolation Switch as an Example. This switch controls the amount of power going to the shower. Showers are generally high load items for example 40 Amps plus. The cables if not tight within the switch will vibrate and eventually cause heat to the point of ignition. The vibration of cables is perfectly natural but this needs to be checked and an EICR will identify these issues before they become a life threatening issue. So having our Electrical Breakdown Cover is a great choice for the family. 

If you have any questions about our Electrical Breakdown Cover Plan or want to see our schedule of rates, please click here to get in touch for a welcome package.

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