Aico 3000 Smoke Alarm

In daily life, there are many internet-connected appliances, but the Aico 3000 Smoke Alarm Series might give you one of the most important jobs that an appliance can perform: saving lives by the wonder of wireless communication.

The most advanced alarm systems ever produced are part of the 3000 Series, which combines innovative intelligence with Smart-Link and Audio-LINK functionality.

This complete system, which is available to everyone involved in managing a multifamily property, will save time and money while maintaining the highest level of fire safety.

aico 3000 smoke alarm

Intelligent design for intelligent protection: ‘Full Circle Protection’ offered by the Aico 3000 Series

Aico introduced the 3000 Series of Fire and CO alarms in 2018, which included their ground-breaking “complete circle” protection. The Managing Director of Aico showed that the 3000 Series represents one of the most important developments of the Aico product line in recent years. It combines the most recent alarm technology; we call the 3000 Series “intelligent simplicity” since we’ve incorporated intelligence into each alarm. 

The Aico 3024 Multi-Sensor alarm from the 3000 Series is a standout example of Full Circle Protection.

The Aico 3024’s Multi-Sensor technology, which combines heat and optical sensors, ensures a full response to a fire.

To keep away possible impurities like dust and insects, the infrared optical sensor is comprised of a bonded protective mesh that encases the whole sensor. This significantly lowers the possibility of annoying and disruptive false alarms.

The heat sensor has a new thermistor that responds faster to alarms when the temperature under measurement rises and will go off at 58 degrees, which is a hazardous level.

How the “Full Circle Protection” philosophy of the Aico 3000 Series depends on SmartLINK and AudioLINK

Two of the major selling points of the Ei3024 and the 3000 Series are SmartLINK and AudioLINK, which can be installed on the Ei3024 and allows wireless connections and data extraction, then provides an Alarms Status report immediately to your smartphone or tablet through a free app.

This helpful report comprises alarm activations, sensor statuses, use data, battery and backup cell status, CO levels recorded, background CO levels, and dust contamination recommendations.

The Alarm Status Report offers proof of the preservation of records necessary for private landlords renting out properties in the United Kingdom.

Data may be pulled from the AudioLINK alarm frequently, and information is saved indefinitely, allowing for re-checking of historical data; with report storage and sharing, all of your information can be emailed straight from your device to single or many locations.

For Landlords, UPRN numbers, landlord information, and contractor information can all be added to the report. For a landlord with several homes to monitor, they may also supply it as a PDF report or a.csv file for interaction with housing management and maintenance systems.

Extracting data just requires three simple steps: first, push the alarm three times to trigger a series of beeps that your phone will hear, after which the AudioLINK App will produce and show the Alarm Status Report.

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