Fuse Box Upgrades In Kent


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In the heart of your electrical system lies the fuse box, a pivotal component that should be readily accessible for any electrical maintenance or repairs.

If you’ve recently settled into an older property in Kent, it’s crucial to check the age of your fuse box. A timely upgrade becomes indispensable if it hasn’t seen an update in several years.

Understanding the location of your electric box is paramount, especially when there’s a need to swiftly cut off power during emergencies.

Your fuse box is composed of three primary components: the main circuit breaker, the fuses, and the Residual Current Devices. Ensuring these are up-to-date not only guarantees safety but also optimises your home’s electrical efficiency.

Fuse Box Upgrades in Kent

Why Are Fuse Box Upgrades Necessary?

When it comes to home improvements, our seasoned expertise ensures swift and efficient fuse box upgrades tailored for your needs.

If your residence is a charming old house, it’s highly likely that it’s equipped with dated wiring and an antiquated fuse box. This is a common trait, as many vintage homes in the UK still rely on older electrical infrastructures.

Many of these traditional fuse boxes lack modern electrical safety switches, making them susceptible to short-circuits. Such fuses not only pose a higher risk of catching fire but also increase the chances of electric shocks.

For the safety and peace of mind of your household, upgrading your consumer unit is imperative.

A pivotal feature of your consumer unit is the RCD electrical safety switch. This switch is instrumental in averting electrical shocks and potential fire hazards. Among all the safety measures, the RCD (residual current device) stands out, offering the quickest response to any power leakage, ensuring maximum protection for your home.

Fuse Box Upgrades in Kent Are Essential

Not many electrical appliances or devices were present in your household a few decades ago.

In those days, just a heater, chimney, refrigerator, and oven used to do it all. There was no need for a better fuse box installation.

But in today’s world of electrical devices, most households have a computer, vacuum cleaner, dryer, washing machine, tumble dryer,  Hi-Fi equipment, fitness equipment, microwaves, pumps, home theatres, central room temperature controlling systems, and many more.

If you experience frequent power tripping it is most likely that your electrical equipment is in need of an upgrade. Older fuse boards can provide power to a small number of kitchen or household appliances. If you ever have an electrical fault, you will be able to easily restore power with the new MCBs installed in newer Consumer Units.

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