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ITD Electrical is a leading provider of emergency lighting services in Kent, catering to both commercial and domestic sectors. Our experienced electricians ensure your premises are well-lit, energy-efficient, and compliant with UK fire-code regulations. Specialising in emergency lighting, we offer comprehensive design, maintenance, and bespoke solutions for various establishments, including schools, warehouses, and shops.

Emergency and exit lighting are crucial for workplace safety, aiding in emergency response, preventing panic, and ensuring safe evacuation. Beyond emergency lighting, ITD Electrical also offers thorough testing services for exit and emergency lighting systems, ensuring the highest safety standards for your facility. Contact us for reliable installation and maintenance of secure lighting systems.

Emergency Lighting Kent

Why is Exit & Emergency Lighting Important?

Ensuring the operational readiness of exit and emergency lighting is an ongoing responsibility for building managers and health & safety regulations.

An annual emergency lighting testing and inspection appointment can help ensure that the emergency lighting system’s batteries, battery charging systems, bulbs, and other hardware receive the attention they require to perform.

An annual emergency lighting testing and inspection appointment will help ensure that:

  • The lights will work during an emergency
  • Facility security will be functional in the event of an emergency
  • Emergency egress from your building will be safe
  • System downtime will be minimized
  • Costs from injury and claims will be reduced

During the emergency lighting testing and inspection process, our trained professionals will:

  • Inspect units for proper installation and for secure mounting
  • Inspect for correct location and quantity of lights for occupancy
  • Perform load test of batteries with electronic load simulator
  • Verify proper charging voltage of unit
  • Inspect bulbs for proper operation and illumination
  • Test in place utilizing the built-in test switch that simulates a power outage

How Often Should You Test Emergency Lighting in Kent?

To comply with safety and building code regulations, it’s important to test your emergency lighting systems monthly. Your fire protection system must always be available to protect people in the event of a serious emergency.

You should always test your emergency lighting system. It involves a brief functional test that may include simulating a system failure.

Aside from these, we also carry out electrical inspection, testing, and certification of your electrical installation, including EICR testing, emergency lighting, fire alarm certification, and emergency electrical services.

Emergency Exit Signs

emergency exit lighting in Kent

Emergency lighting, exit signs, and panic doors are some of the most important safety devices in your business.

While fire alarm systems communicate an emergency and fire sprinklers extinguish fires, exit, and emergency lights guide you and your employees to safety in the event of an emergency.

All commercial buildings are required to have emergency and exit paths that are lit by light fixtures. They’re specifically designed to save lives.

If your building experiences a power outage, your employees should use the emergency and exit lights to get to safety.

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